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Contemporary, creative, fun and timeless

Created by Michelle Lima Ponce and Paula Proushan Meyer, the label was born in 2013 already proposing a new fashion for the feet, focused on comfort with design and impeccable quality.To do so, the duo turned their personal movement into an invitation they couldn't refuse: stepping down from the heels.

Guided by the love of art that unites them, the friends combined Paula's keen nose for trends with the decades in which Michelle honed her designer talent alongside the main names in the national footwear industry.And gave Blue Bird wings.

Rethink your habits and feel the BlueBirds comfort

Attentive to the new moment of Brazilian women, independent and empowered, BLUE BIRD unites art, fashion and a sense of humor to the creations that fill each season.The classic sneakers gave way to loafers full of bossa, who made their debut in 100% Brazilian creations.